Exposure Management Platform by offensive security leaders

Xint is the aggregate of penetration testing insights from unparalleled world-class hackers

Seek through the eyes of a hacker

To effectively defend against and stay ahead of ever-evolving hacking threats, Xint draws on years of consulting experience to anticipate hacker behavior.

Identify security risks before they disrupt business

Xint allows discovery and fix for security holes at the earliest stage before they become costly problems.

Respond with lessons from 100+ pentesting projects

Xint learns from real-world threats to keep up with the newest attack techniques and prevent recurrence.


Simple, Effective and continuous security


Attack Surface Monitoring

Identify and analyze all your assets in operation without complicated processes. See what potential threats exist and prevent security incidents.

  • Attack Surface Identification
  • Sensitive Information Detection
  • SSL Certificate inspector
  • Regular Reports
Coming in Q3 2023

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Discover and effectively manage underlying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure's technology stack to stay ahead of potential attackers. Our advanced Vulnerability Scanner is reinforced with years of penetration testing experience, providing deep insights to help you safeguard your IT environment.

  • Tech stack scanner
  • Known Vulnerability Monitoring
Coming in 2024

Breach and Attack Simulation

The attack scenarios designed by Theori's offensive security specialists automatically perform continuous infrastructure security checks, and when new infrastructure is added or code changes, it's like having an always-on consultant.


How Xint supports your business

  • Cover your security knowledge
  • Access to actionable insights
  • Integrate with exists workflows
  • Identifying vulnerabilities: Identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to address them before attackers can exploit them.
  • Meeting compliance requirements: Identify areas which may not be in compliance with regulations, and take corrective action.
  • Supporting incident response: In the event of a security incident, exposure scanning data can help identify the root cause of the incident and take steps to prevent recurrence.
  • Assessing risk likelihood and impact: Link exposure scanning results into risk analysis to assess the likelihood and potential impact of a cyber attack.
  • Tracking progress over time: Regular exposure scanning can help track the progress of security efforts over time. Compare scan results from different points in time to see how security posture has improved or where additional attention may be needed.
  • Prioritizing security efforts: Identify the most critical security vulnerabilities and prioritize efforts to address these vulnerabilities. Focus resources where they are most needed to improve security.


We combine pentesting insights from world-class hackers with top-notch technology

To secure businesses with technology-driven approaches, we have been providing security consulting services since 2016. Through more than 160 projects conducted with both small and large commercial customers, we felt the need for a solution to challenges commonly faced by companies across various industries. To help tackle these challenges and make it accessible to a greater public, we present - Xint. Our team consists of world-class whitehat hackers who have won more than 70 international hacking defence competitions, including DEFCON.

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  • 2023 Q3

    Release of Xint 1.0 with Attack Surface Monitoring

    Identify externally exposed infrastructure assets and manage vulnerabilities

  • 2023 Q4

    Launched a unified security platform that partially covers the scope of Cloud Security

  • 2024 Q1

    All asset inventory capabilities built in the cloud, enabling threat detection

    Audit & Mitigation Suggestions for Common Vulnerabilities

  • 2024 ~

    Automate discovery of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

    IaC code checking to help configure devsecops

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